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As a leader in the development of digital technology, Xerox has demonstrated a commitment to keeping digital information safe and secure by identifying potential vulnerabilities and proactively addressing them to limit risk. Customers have responded by looking to Xerox as a trusted provider of secure printing solutions with many standard and optional product security features.

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Xerox production devices are, of course, designed for speed and include high output features. Xerox office devices are the highest-speed tls solution solution solution comentarii in the industry to receive Common Criteria Certification, providing an independent standard for product security. You may review the Xerox devices that have achieved or are being evaluated for Common Criteria on our Common Criteria page.

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These tls solution solution solution comentarii join a long list of Xerox mid-speed office products to make it even easier for customers to meet their document production needs and the strict secure printing requirements in the government, military, healthcare, legal and financial sectors. Specific product security features on Xerox devices include: Image Overwrite Option Image Overwrite Option The Image Overwrite product security option electronically shreds information stored on the hard disk of devices as part of routine job processing.

Electronic erasure can be performed automatically at job completion ImmediateOn Demand, and on some models Scheduled.

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The Xerox Image Overwrite product security process implements a three-pass algorithm originally specified by the U. Department of Defense. Data Encryption Data Encryption All data in motion in and out of the device, as well as data stored within the device, is secured with state of the art encryption.

Users simply log-in with a swipe of their magnetic or proximity ID card for secure access to multifunction printer features that need to be tracked for accounting or regulatory requirements.

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Embedded Fax Embedded Fax While firewalls work at the network periphery to prevent unauthorized access to a customer's environment, unprotected fax connections in multifunction printers can be an open "back door" into the network. Xerox was the first manufacturer to offer a Common Criteria certified product that assures complete separation of the fax telephone line and the network connection, and continues to include that claim in all product security certifications.

Xerox Standard Accounting Xerox Standard Accounting When enabled on Xerox office printers and multifunction printers, this feature monitors the print, copy, scan and fax pages produced and who produces them.

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Administrators can limit the number of print, copy, scan and fax jobs a user can perform, track activity at a user, group or department level, and manage access to color copying and printing. User Authorization Use of device functions e.

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Secure Print Secure Print When sending a job from a print driver or using the web print submission tool, the user selects the Secure Print method and enters a unique PIN number. Jobs are sent and safely stored at the device until the user enters that same unique PIN to release them. This controls unauthorized viewing of hard copy documents sent to the printer.

Extensible Interface Platform® EIP A labor saving feature for office and multifunction printers, this allows document-related software applications to be accessed on the user interface to improve workflow and minimize time at the device.