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No major corrections were applied by editor. In the scholar Gheorghe Asachi established the first school for surveyors and civil engineers considered to be the nucleus of the technical higher education in Iasi.

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Currently, the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi has 11 faculties and 4 departments that offer educational and doctoral programmes for more than students harga fat burner api 61 engineering specializations, 73 Master of Science programs and 10 doctoral schools.

Besides its educational mission, the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi has an important research dimension, having 21 accredited centers and laboratories for scientific research.

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These centers activate in different fields, within national and international research grants, research contracts with industry or governmental organizations, their activities placing our university in the Romanian top of scientific research.

The constant focus on interdisciplinary research, on innovation and knowledge transfer, as well the quality of the research staff and their commitment for excellence provided a constant dynamics of research activities and the recognition and visibility of our university.

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Only in the last academic year, our university has participated in more than national and international projects as well as research contracts. Innovation in our university comes as sum of experience provided by our of senior researchers, PhD supervisors and the enthusiasm brought by our PhD. Sincethe university has been carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research.

With over These partnerships offer us the opportunity to experience changes, to have student and teacher mobilities and joint academic, research and strategy programmes.

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We believe in the power of individual choice and customized education. Thus, we became the first Romanian university to offer students the opportunity to choose both a major and a minor field of study, in a combination at their choice, that best suits their career goals.

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Research at our university is top level. Infor the third year in a row, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University was placed first in the national research ranking compiled on the basis of Shanghai criteria.

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Our teachers are involved in over national and international research projects, with the logistic support of 24 research centres. Striving for excellence, the university takes unique initiatives to stimulate research quality, to encourage dynamic and creative education and to involve its best students in academic life.

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Today, with its fifteen faculties, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University offers to all inquisitive young minds a large diversity of academic programmes which are aimed to open the way towards their personal fulfilment and social recognition.